Tell about the website creators using humans.txt

I check the analytics of this blog every week, especially the ‘Top resources not found’ section. Just to be sure that I have no broken links. This week, I found strange requests to the /humans.txt file. I’ve added /robots.txt before, but why somebody tries to open /humans.txt?

We are people, not machines

I found the answer on It’s a really cool initiative to add info about all the creators of the website.

We are always saying that, but the only file we generate is one full of additional information for the searchbots: robots.txt. Then why not doing one for ourselves?

And that’s true. So I’ve added such file to my blog.

Also, I found a lot of websites that already use the file in different ways.

How to?

  1. Add the file humans.txt to the root of your site.
  2. Add info about all the site creators to this file.
  3. Add <link rel="author" href="/humans.txt"> to the <head>.

Read more: humans.txt: Quick start


I want to keep the section /* THANKS */ with the list of all contributors actual. So I’ve added some automation to update the list on every local build:

  1. Get data from git shortlog -sne. s is for summary only, e is for contributors emails, n is for the number of commits.
  2. Remove contributors with my emails from the list.
  3. Save the list to data file.
  4. Put the list to humans.txt on every build.

Source code.


Webmentions [?]

  1. Обнаружил запросы к humans.txt в блоге и пошёл разбираться, что это такое. Оказывается, довольно зрелая инициатива. У Злых Марсиан — с пасхалкой.

  2. Sitnik the Developer

    On @evilmartians website, humans.txt redirects to another file